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Salad Cosmo offers the best quality products throughout the West Coast. Our sprouts are delicious and healthy too! In fact, once you try it you’ll know our sprouts are the best! We grow them using only sparkling pure water from our own wells, and we never use additives or other harmful chemicals.


Mung Bean Sprouts (Organic & Conventional)

The famous world explorer, Captain Cook, had a secret weapon. As an experienced seafarer, he was aware of the pitfalls of long ocean journeys. One of these was the problem of storing enough food for trips that could be months long. How did he solve the problem? He supplied his crew with bean sprouts! He was aware of the nutritious value of sprouts, so as he and his crew sailed, they grew a constant supply of a tasty and nutritious staple.


Radishoots (Daikon Sprouts)

They go with everything. Meats, seafood, omelets, salads, soups, sandwiches, other vegetables. They all benefit from the wonderful texture and delicate flavor of Salad Cosmo sprouts. Our sprouts are so versatile they blend deliciously with dishes from around the world: Chinese, European, traditional American and of course, California cuisine!


Introducing Living Nano-Greens.

A little live garden in your refrigerator, available year-round. Three facts about Live Nano-Greens:


They are alive. Yes, you can water them and they’ll look yummy and fresh.

They can be mixed,matched and cut at different lengths. Yet another ingredient to express your vision.

We never use artificial colors, additives or preservatives.



Living NAno-onion

Color: green and black dots
Flavor: pungent, onion
Availability: all year round
Shelf-life: 2 weeks at 35-40F
Size: 1 count



Living NAno-red radish

Color: green and pinkish red
Flavor: pungent, peppery
Availability: all year round
Shelf-life: 2 weeks at 35-40F
Size: 1 count


*These nano-greens have no artificial colours, additives or preservatives.
Mold may grow if kept at room temperature or warmer.

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